Saturday, 18 June 2011

Brittany Holiday - Rennes and Dinan

Himself and I  had a short break in Brittany. Firstly we stayed in Rennes - A friendly city with almost no English speaking tourists - what a refreshing change! Our hotel was lovelyand quiet although near the city centre, with a smashing receptionist who even came over while we were at dinner to see if we needed help with the menu - it was very thoughtful if him. We also went to the rather lovely Dinan, which is about an hours drive from Rennes.  Both places had numerous very pretty half timbered houses and shops. Some are leaning on their neighbours due to their age! We noticed how tall they are with four or five stories. Properties of a similar age (1500's) in England tend to only be two stories high.
We had the traditional Breton gallettes complet and cider here - yum:-)

Himself loved this carved shop front selling shoes:

Here's me in one of the many cobbled streets:
Notice the 'infill' between the green building and the dull brown one!:

Not much bread left in this wonderful shop:
Dinan castle gate:
Market day in Rennes (the second largest market in France) - These are some oyster stalls in the fish section:
Lovely smiley flower seller:
An Asterix themed stag party, selling condoms and or phallic, hand carved 'megaliths' for a euro each,  to finance more drinking. We bought a granite megalith for €2 - Bargain. We declined the condoms!


  1. Kandy you have made some beautiful photos. Have you found some linen bed sheets while in Brittany. I wonder if you went to Glastonbury this week end.

  2. THanks Pascale - we LOVE going to France:-)
    Found some linen sheets on Ebay, they were expensive, but I love them! No Glasto this year as my Brother and his family were visiting the UK. x