Tuesday, 31 May 2011

I have been doing 'stuff'

Honestly I have, it's just  I couldn't get to sign in to upload anything......

My boss was supposed to go to New York for Christmas, but as you may remember we had a bit of snow.......

I wanted to make her a 40th Birthday present, so when I heard she re-booked for her Birthday, I figured I had better get a move on.

I started stiching on dark brown linen
Doesn't look that great yet does it?
Ah, Looks much better now it's been pressed:

The finished cushion, linen piping done and zippered back
 Wrapped and ready to be given away - I hope she likes it.


  1. I love it! What a great idea!

    My mum knitted a jumper for a boyfriend of mine when we were in our teens, with the same sort of skyline: I hadn't thoughtof it in years, until I saw your cushion!

  2. Kandi
    This is gorgeous!
    I'm sure your boss will love it

  3. Thank you.
    Phew, the boss loved it.

    Saw the skline idea as a silhouette* on a poster years ago - a jumper would look great too

    *Spelling looks wrong, though I'm pretty sure it's right!

  4. It's wonderful, she would have to have been crazy not to like it!! :)

  5. Well, you know how it is sometimes. Not everyone likes hand made gifts. My other boss thinks hand made is a cheapskates gift, she would rather have something from M&S. Now **that's** crazy isn't it? (Easier though!)

  6. it is a great cushion, very modern and professional. She was sure to like it.