Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I consider myself ....

Told off:-(
By Chic Girl:-(
For not updating my blog for a week. Tch, I suppose she has a point.
So I thought I would share a photo with you of Chic Girls new hair do. She had about five inches cut off the bottom and some blond foils put in today. She looks fabulous. She's off to Madrid for her new job on Sunday morning, sob sob, it's a two week trial. Half of me wants her to hate it there, but the proud Mother part of me wants her to be a roaring success and to love it. Ack.

Fortunatly no one took a photo of my hair, which has super big curls at the moment. I can flick them around in a L'Oreal, 'because you're worth it' stylee!

Himself and I have been over to Bristol for the past two weekends to do some more DIY on the Money Pit. The Chic Girl removed their death trap of a carpet on the stairs before we arrived and then she and I set to removing all the nails, screws and staples that for reasons unknown were embedded into the wood (WTF?) before painting them with a black undercoat: Yes every other stair is painted until the first lot dry because there is only one loo in the Money Pit and we need to answer the call of nature!

Himself and the Whizz Kid tackled the wiring in the kitchen as more sockets are needed and Himself is gradually replacing all the strange wiring arrangements into a standard vertical and horizontal form:We are all astonished/appalled at the eccentric wiring in the walls I mean who but an idiot/cheapskate channels wiring diagonally across a kitchen wall? I don't know why it came as such a surprise to us, everything in that house so far has been peculiar. It is a terraced, 'two up, two down', built in the late 1800's on the cheap, probably a labourer or factory workers cottage and it looks like every homeowner since has continued to cut corners and avoid doing anything properly. Shame as it could be a very nice little starter home. But it does need some serious money spent on it.

This weekend The Whizz Kid was drilling a series of holes (as shown just to the right of the socket in this photo): in order to knock out the next socket, when he suddenly shouted at the top of his voice "WATER". (I didn't take a photo of him plugging the hole with his hand like the Dutch boy in the dyke as it would have seemed heartless) Himself ran over, took the still whirring drill from his hand, switched off the power and then turned the water off at the mains. All the while cursing as all his plumbing stuff was left back at home. So a trip to the other side of Bristol was needed to buy new fittings and again we wondered why lead pipe should be running diagonally up the wall from the corner of the room and then presumably over somehow to the taps and boiler in the other corner. Some time later the lead pipe was all bypassed and some new 15mm copper pipes were put in over to the boiler and taps. What a drama and a time waster. Chic Girl and her Dad were shuddering, thinking about other holes that had been made by nails and screws as shelves, pictures etc. had been put up and missed the wiring and pipes by inches, The Whizz Kid said he was just very glad the leak had happened while Himself was in the house. Meanwhile The Chic Girl and I painted two coats of chocolate brown floor paint on the stairs. The idea is that next weekend we will wallpaper the risers. I think it will make the stairs very noisy with no carpets on the treads but we will see what they think after they have been up and down them a few times.

Back to today. The Whizz Kid makes a wonderful chicken fried rice that I've tried to replicate many times, but it never tastes quite the same - sigh. So since he was here today, I asked him to make some for our dinner........
Yum, yum yum.

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