Tuesday, 23 February 2010

flowers and fabric

Just to show I have been in my sewing room - I've cut out some flowers: Actually I cut most of them out ages ago, so it was mostly some more leaves I cut and then arranged everything on my display wall. I still need to cut out lots more flowers, but also need to buy more 'Steam A Seam' to put on the back of the fabrics.
I've been buying fabric: A couple of orange colours to add to my tiny orange stash, I got these fabrics for a very good price from here, I shall use this online shop again.

I've also ordered some fabrics from FabricWorm on Etsy, but a fortnight later, they are still not here. I hate waiting for stuff in the post*. I'm collecting a few grey and orange fabrics to put with plain white. Undecided yet what I'm going to do with them.... Updated: the parcel arrived today while I was at work.
*I ordered the Glee CD too last Monday, but that hasn't arrived either:-((

I've also been designing some more bags.....


  1. Your fabric shop link doesn't work - it comes up as a 404 error (whatever that might mean)

  2. Ack, sorry. I've re done the links - they should work now.....

  3. I can't wait to see your bags Kandy. And your fabric looks lovely. I like it that you chose different fabrics from me, it's inspiring.