Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Articles by Bill Bryson......

I have long enjoyed reading all the Bill Bryson books and so when I came across these articles online from (American) Traditional Homes magazine, I spent a happy time reading through them. In them he writes about what we are like as a people. I didn't realise non-Brits find us so confusing....


  1. Hi, Kandy - thank you for the link to Bill Bryson's articles - I do enjoy reading his writings.

  2. Thanks Kandy, for the link to Bill Bryson's articles. I have never heard of it before and am quite amused by it. As a Non-British person I can actually see his side, LOL.

  3. He is very interesting isn’t he? I would love to hear him live too, especially having seen him years ago on TV.

    Angie - us Brits are the very model of clarity and wouldn't dream of deliberatly trying to confuse anyone with our language! Why, it all makes perfect sense to us.... most of the time.....};-p K x

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