Thursday, 10 February 2011

Finally, a new post!

Ahem, yes, sorry it's been so long.......
I have been busy..... although I must admit sewing has not played a very big part in my life for a few months:-( But I'm over my 'dry patch' now and raring to go. I bought a Jelly Roll (Bliss - by Bonnie & Camille.)
 I decided to do a few small* hexagons, never having made any before, I printed off a couple of sheets of printed hexagons, here's what I made:
 Then a few more:
 These are the 'rejects' I didn't like them in the mix:

* each flat side is just under an inch long

I have no idea what to do with all the hexagons, but I do enjoy making them and have continued to sew more as they are nice to do in the evenings while watching TV, the piles of patches are growing.
Erm, I could do with some ideas of what to do with them please....


  1. Kandy
    Welcome back! so good to hear from you!
    No idea for spare hexagons - add some more fabrics and keep on sewing???

  2. Lovely to see you here again! Lovely hexies, but sorry no ideas... Join them until you run out of steams and call that the finished product?

  3. Great to see a post. I have some Japanese magazines that use hexagons for making unique bags. I have often thought I'd sew my spare ones into panels for making bags (but I am so easily distracted ;-D)

  4. Thank you for your comments welcoming me back, how kind you are. Will try and post more regularly from now on.
    Hey, K-A - I just realised you can post comments again - new computer?

  5. Yes, new computer! I don't normally come back to read replies to comments, but wondered why I hadn't heard from you and to check how you were doing..