Monday, 20 July 2009

Book Shopping

Today I bought some books that were heavily reduced in price, our local Borders has sold out to 'New Look'. It's a sad day.......

I bought this purely for the cute pictures - and the thought that one day I might be able to follow a knitting pattern successfully (so far I have knitted scarves and a couple of pairs of gloves)
I thought this looked interesting......
Coz I really need another recipe book don't I?!
Japanese little tiny critters, all made from felt.

Plus a whole stack of other books that were only a £1 each:-) I expect Chip Girl will pinch most of them.

Sadly they had just cleared away all the magazines - what a shame, I used to love browsing and buying different magazines. Cd's and Dvd's I never bought in Borders they were always so much more expensive than anywhere else.

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